The Silent Pains of Fathers

Have you heard the expression "better out than in" I still prefer the way Shrek says it 😊

If you knew the pain and the price I had to pay to bring you into this world and then only to have you snatched away, it would have been easier and better for all involved if they asked how I would feel instead of fabricating lies and creating the mental and emotional painful events in order to look favorable to the powers at be and ensure your removal with the least possible resistance, I wouldn't of been happy but would of understood because I just like those involved want whats best for you πŸ˜”

You are there to make a positive difference where you are, shine your beautiful light on everyone you come into contact with πŸ™‚

My experience is unique to me and common to many, we learn to deal with and live in hope that one day the love we created will come back to us πŸ’—

If you need help to support the pain and suffering caused by seperation, parental alienation, narcissistic parents, unfair laws that give fathers less rights than mothers, forced child support and alimony that can at times force a man into poverty and extreme depression visit Father's rights, custody, child support and more πŸ™ and know that you are not alone πŸ˜₯

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