4 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

There are so many different ways to drive traffic to a website from creating relevant content that has been search engine optimized (SEO), which is not always guaranteed, to sharing your website address and offers on social media channels, links in your business emails, paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, creating useful infographics to how-to-videos and all the other creative ways you can think up.

Below are a few more ways to drive traffic to your offers with or without a website, generate more leads and make money for free.

1. Join a Free Traffic Exchange Network
There's lots of free and paid traffic exchange networks out there with the end goal being the same, to drive hundreds or maybe thousands of visitors to your offers or website and this is done by visiting the members offers or websites on that network and they visit your offers or websites in return creating a win - win exchange, although not all traffic exchange networks are created equal and you'll soon learn why.

2. Advertise across the Internet
You've seen those ads at the top, sides, bottom or even in the middle of a website whilst reading a post or an article. Those ads are mostly provided by Google Adsense which is a Pay Per Click program (PPC) that allows website owners to display other website owners ads on their website so they can make money, here you can create your own ads and extend your offers to a wider audience right across the internet, generating leads and making money everytime a visitor clicks on your ad like the ones below. 

3. Networking Lead Building Tool
Learn more about this platforms powerful 10-level networking lead building tool and it's unique sustainable and annoyance free communication message system.

4. Search Engine Traffic from Social Reviews
And finally, most online shoppers or visitors read a product or service review before making a purchase, I mentioned earlier not all traffic exchanges are created equal and here's why. Search engines like reviews because they provide real value to their visitors, on this network you can write your own product, service and program reviews based on your experience which is accessible to members on the network and visitors from Search Engines. 

This is one of the most important tools used to to attract the right visitors to your offers and is part of the Inbound Marketing Methodology which covers each and every step taken, tool used, and lifecycle stage traveled, from visitor to customer, Learn more 😊

Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem, their problem - Seth Godin

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