Create Free Landing Pages Like A Pro

In digital marketing, a landing page is created specifically to capture information about the visitor, and the ultimate goal being to convert the visitor into a customer. 

There are two types of landing pages
A reference landing page - provides information and/or a summary of the product or service that is relevant to the visitor and can display text, images, relevant links or other elements.

A transactional landing page - and main purpose is to ask a visitor to take an action like sign up to a newsletter, buy a product/service, download an ebook or anything useful to the visitor. The visitor's information is captured and the visitor's email address can be added to a mailing list as a potential customer and now an email marketing campaign focused on useful, relevant content can be created.

Create free landing pages like a Pro
This free landing page builder is very different in many ways compared to the most popular online page builders on the internet, for example you are completly free to position and re-position the elements anywhere you like, which is called Freestyle Editing, you can see an example of freestyle editing in action, above.

Create any design you can imagine
You can create almost any landing page you can imagine to capture leads, attract new visitors, promote a new product, create multiple landing pages for different offers or target different types of visitors.

Responsive Design
This landing page has 3 smart responsive features.
  • Auto resize to fit any browser
  • Collapsible 2-column design to cater to mobile browsers
  • It allows off-center design, which will automatically collapse back to the middle in a mobile browser
Earn Pay Per Click Income (PPC)
With this landing page builder you can add an advertisement widget to your landing page and earn Pay Per Click (PPC) income which is an additional way for you to make money displaying other people's ads or offers on your landing page, whilst building and developing your online business.

This is one of the most important tools used to convert visitors into leads and is part of the Inbound Marketing Methodology which covers each and every step taken, tool used, and lifecycle stage traveled, from visitor to customer Learn more 😊

Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem, their problem - Seth Godin

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